Arizona Fairy Shrimp
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    25 Dry Lake Clam Shrimp eggs - $9.50

    Dry Lake Clam Shrimps grow fast in the summer. They swim very actively and male clams keep finding its mate in their whole lifetime. When a male clam shrimp finds a female, they bind together and only the male swims around in the water or sink down together to the bottom. They live longer than 12 weeks and grow up to 3/8 inch long, 1/4 inch wide under good environment.


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    25 Mammoth Winter Fairy Shrimp eggs - $

    Mammoth Winter Fairy shrimps can hatch in ice water. Hatching temperature range is 40 F to 72 F, and the best water temperature range for adult shrimps is 59 F to 68 F. They grow slow and the length is not significantly longer(1 1/2 inches) than Winter Fairy Shimp, but they grow fatter; male shrimps have larger antennas look like the tusks of mammoth.


    item# AZS001012
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    25 Dry Lake Fairy Shrimp eggs

    These fairy shrimps are very active and grow fast in the summer. It is very easy to hatch the eggs in water which temerature is between 60 F to 100 F. The fairy shrimps grow up to 1/3 inch in 6 days under the best condition. They live for 3 to 8 weeks and grow up to 1 inch. Few clam shrimp eggs are possibly mixed.


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